Chicken Fajitas

Macros (makes 6 servings):

Protein: 73
Carbs: 131
Fat: 38
Calories: 1,158

Grocery List:

  • Chicken breast (3 lbs)
  • Tortilla (12 – I used Mission carb balance) – [not pictured]
  • Fajita seasoning (1 packet)
  • Lime juice (4 TBSP)
  • Yellow rice (two 10 oz bags)
  • Colored bell peppers (3)
  • Onion (2)
  • Olive oil (6 TBSP)
  • Shredded cheese (8 oz package) – [not pictured]
  • Sour cream (8 oz container) – [not pictured]
  • Olive oil (2 TBSP)
  • Zucchini (2)
  • Onion (1)
  • Green bell pepper
  • Poblano pepper
  • Taco seasoning (1 packet)


  1. Add the yellow rice to a rice cooker along with 6 cups of water. Cook on the white rice setting
  2. Dice the chicken into thin strips. Add the chicken to a large bowl along with the fajita seasoning and 2 TBSP lime juice. Mix thoroughly and set aside to marinade for 30-60 minutes.
  3. Dice your onion and colored bell peppers into long strips
  4. Dice the remaining veggies into small bits
  5. Add 2 TBSP of olive oil to a 15-inch cast-iron skillet and set the stove to medium-high heat
  6. Add 2 TBSP of olive oil to a large pan/wok and also set this burner to medium-high heat
  7. To the cast-iron skillet, add your onions and veggies
  8. To the large pan/wok, add the zucchini, onion, green bell pepper, and poblano pepper
  9. Add ½ of the taco seasoning mix to each pan. Cook until desired tenderness
  10. Remove the onions and peppers from the cast-iron skillet and add 2 more TBSP of olive oil
  11. Add the marinated chicken and cook until no more pink in the center of the chicken strips (break the largest one in half to check)
  12. Add the peppers and onions back into the cast-iron skillet with the cooked chicken
  13. Add 2 TBSP lime juice and sear on high for a few minutes
  14. Assemble the fajitas on the day of consumption by adding cheese and sour cream (and whatever other toppings you’d like)
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